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Birth & What Came After

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From Barbara Demske, The First Latch

first latch breastfeeding account

“This beautiful book of poetry fell into my lap just very recently. I was nursing my youngest son who is 22 months old reading a poem on weaning. The emotions that overcame my soul I’m not yet able to articulate, but I knew instantly I needed more. I am so incredibly thankful to have found this work of art. Breastfeeding and motherhood changes us in our core and we are all connected in this way. This is an amazing gift for any mama you know. Available on Amazon and incredibly affordable!” — Birth & What Came After was featured on The First Latch 2017 Holiday Gift Guide





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“Few experiences are as powerful, as deeply poetic, as childbirth. Many poets have written powerfully about it; I think of Gabriela Mistral, of Sharon Olds, of Martha Silano. Jessica Bates writes in that great tradition. In her keen eye, “every tummy ripple gets attention”; she is rapt in the face of “this wild thing that came from” her body. Birth is messy, and Bates doesn’t blush or flinch when describing the blood and goo of her lived experience. This is the poetry of “a glistening goddess, naked and pacing”.” — Tom C. Hunley, author of PLUNK and THE STATE THAT SPRINGFIELD IS IN

Birth & What Came After is an authentic look into the journey of motherhood. It is raw and pure and captivating. It tugged at my heart strings and ached into my womb. I highly recommend this to moms and someday moms.” — Mandy, mother of 3, artist, runner

“Your forward Well, had me cheering. Your first Yes No Maybe So had me crying.” — Laura, mother, math enthusiast, data scientist

“Each poem gives a beautiful, truthful glimpse of the precious and painful moments before and after the birth of a child. It shows the strength & bond of women, family, and ourselves, & it surprised me with a dabble of death. Heartfelt and full of themes that connect us all as mothers, it is exceptionally written and should be shared. It made me laugh, and cry, and gave me new perspective. I will read it again & again & enjoy it more each time.” — Karen, mother, runner, educator




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