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writer, reader, mother, lover


Hello! I read, I write, I mother.

poet Jessica bates

I’m Jessica Bates, a Nashville native and reading enthusiast. I run a book club in Nashville, and we meet monthly at Atmalogy. We have great discussions & read good books. I’ve always been a reader. My grandpa sold books to schools and book fairs, so I grew up around books. My parents read to me a lot. Most places I went, trailing after my mother, I had a book in hand. And then I started writing. It all felt right. I don’t remember a time where I couldn’t read or write.

My first book is available on Amazon. It’s a collection of motherhood poems called Birth & What Came After.

You can read more about how it came to be if you’re interested. I released the first edition on May 9, 2017. On May 21, 2017 Sandee Gertz interviewed me on her program Everyday Poetry on Radio Free Nashville. You can listen to the 50-minute interview and hear me read a few of my own poems and a few by Sharon Olds.

I am also working on a novel called Dreamsender, which began as a little seed in November 2013, during National Novel Writing Month. After that it sat in a drawer (OK, a virtual drawer) until I could handle looking at it. Now I’ve done a few round of edits & am fleshing out the story. I hope to share it with you within the year.

I like Instagram. You can find me there @_jessicabates.

I freelance. I write copy for clients. I make websites at Red Room Software.

For years I worked as an SEO copywriter. I gained a lot of knowledge & learned a lot about random topics of my clients. I dreamed too much about teeth. I wrote for dentists and orthodontists, for IVF doctors, for green living magazines, for restaurant hood manufacturers, and for local restaurant and event review sites.

Talk to me:

jessicabateswriter @ gmail DOT com



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