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September 5, 2017

community poem from FemmeFest615, Saturday August 12 @ Hadley Park

 community poemMy first ever event.


On Saturday, August 12, I went to the first FemmeFest615 at Hadley Park. I was nervous. It was my first time doing anything like this. I tried to make my booth interactive, since I wasn’t expecting to sell many copies of Birth & What Came After. It wasn’t really about that anyway. It was an experiment. A place to meet and connect. And it was truly refreshing to my soul. The crowd was full of love.

I gave away writing prompts, one sheet of motherhood writing prompts & another of general feminine-themed writing prompts. Some people took them gladly. Some people picked up copies for friends who weren’t there.. Some people were confused & asked what a writing prompt was. I was happy to tell them. I even connected with Courtney Arlesia who took a prompt sheet & shared her response with me. But the real fun in my interactive booth turned out to be the community poem.


FemmeFest615 Community Poem

I set up a community poem to make my space more interactive. I started with a beginning line, and I asked people to add a line when they came by my booth. Some people laughed and said no. Some people jumped right in & scratched out a line. Some people agreed, picking up the pen and looking out into the ether, pulling some magic words from beyond. It was a really cool experience to share writing that way. Here’s our community poem, made with love:

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