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August 29, 2018

My book is in the September 2018 Leaked Box on Etsy!

Hello friends. I’m so pleased to announce my book Birth & What Came After is featured in September’s Leaked Box.

leaked boxLeaked Box is a curated collection of goodies for breastfeeding mothers, available on Etsy. The breastfeeding box was designed by the creator of the Normalize Breastfeeding platform on Instagram, which was such a huge inspiration to me when I was first breastfeeding my son almost 4 years ago. It’s such a wild honor to share this book with other milky mamas in the form of this amazing breastfeeding box. You guys, I WISH I had gotten a gift like this when I was a milking mama. (Hint hint: I will be again in February, so now you know what to get me. That’s right! I’m pregnant!)

You can find the September Leaked Box featuring my book & other wonderful products on Etsy.

If you know a breastfeeding mother or a soon-to-be mother who plans to breastfeed, Leaked Box is a great gift to keep her going in the dark, milky hours before dawn when she’s up with a tiny baby on her breast. It’s surely a gift that will be appreciated. Breastfeeding is difficult, even if your baby latches perfectly like mine did. A friend who’s supportive enough to get you a Leaked Box is a friend worth keeping close.

breastfeeding poem weaning

For more breastfeeding goodness, check out my two poems Feeding and Weaning, both found in Birth & What Came After. The poem Weaning was featured on The First Latch podcast. Warning: it’s a tearjerker.


Other rad products you’ll find in the September Leaked Box include:

  • Lactation cookies by Indianapolis company Cafe Baby. Cafe Baby also delivers fresh baby food to your door if you’re lucky enough to be in the Indianapolis area.
  • Eco-friendly reusable baby wipes from Remiusables. Her Etsy shop also has cool burlap reusable sponges, reusable cloth coffee filters, lunch bags, and more.


I’m so thrilled to get my book in the hands of more breastfeeding mothers, and being included in the September 2018 Leaked Box is such a wonderful treat. It was scary putting the book into the world, but now that it’s there, I couldn’t be more proud of these pages.



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