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November 19, 2018

Birth & What Came After: poems on motherhood – SIGNED COPY


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Order a signed, personalized copy of Birth & What Came After: poems on motherhood by Jessica Bates for your next baby shower gift to celebrate the new mother in your life.

** FOR A PERSONALIZED BOOK, INCLUDE THE NAME YOU WANT YOUR COPY SIGNED TO IN THE NOTES SECTION WHEN YOU CHECKOUT. If you don’t include a name, Jessica will sign the book, though it won’t be personalized to an individual. **


Jessica loves sending packages directly to readers, and she likes to tuck in tiny bookmarks that she illustrates with leaky boobs. This book is an excellent baby shower gift or a gift to celebrate a friend who has just crossed from maiden to mother.

an excerpt from the poem Feeding

O, drink from me, sweet son
who came from the black depths
of my body.
You latch on and power up,
drawing energy from my currents.
I shoot you little shards
of bone and with them your body
continues its work, building the bone, brewing the blood, fattening
the folds of you.
You suck and I tingle from skull to heel,
struck with a tuning fork and humming
in the blue light of a darkened bedroom.

I try to feel my own edges in the
low light. I send my mind to the
outer edges of me — where do I end?
I send myself to my innermost edges,
and I see that in both directions
I am infinite.


About the Book

Birth & motherhood transform us, and they shake our foundation with sacred, unconditional love. These 56 poems reflect on birth, motherhood, breastfeeding, raising children, confronting fears, and feeling joy in a fleeting moment. Jessica wrote the book to feed her own hunger, as the words flowed freely after she gave birth to her son in 2014. She updated the book in the summer of 2018, because so many readers had written messages to her wanting to write their own poems. Now the book includes 10 writing prompts in the back to spark your creativity.

Birth & What Came After is the perfect gift for a new or seasoned mother, and it’s also a great read for those of us who aren’t mothers. Birth is universal. We all came from woman, so let’s celebrate the power to give life.

Jessica’s read her poems twice on the First Latch podcast. In episode 2, she reads the poem Weaning and discusses how Birth & What Came After came to be. In episode 25, Coping with Loss, Jessica reads several poems about her miscarriage, and sharing them has helped her heal. Her miscarriage poems will be released in a follow-up collection to Birth & What Came After, coming in the Spring of 2019.

Jessica Bates released Birth & What Came After on May 9, 2017, and since then she has been floored by the amount of mothers, doulas, birthworkers, and humans who have connected with her words.

Leaked Box, a curated gift box for breastfeeding mothers by the woman behind the NormalizeBreastfeeding Instagram account, selected the book for her September 2018 box.

Mothers will love this book as a baby shower gift or as a gift later during the motherhood journey.

baby shower gift

Her Forthcoming Book

Jessica is planning a followup collection to Birth & What Came After, which will be published later this year. The new collection will feature more motherhood poems as well as a portion of miscarriage poems. Jessica experienced a miscarriage between her two healthy boys, and she wrote extensively on the subject.

She believes that sharing art heals wounds, and she dealt with her own loss through words. Her miscarriage piece has been a great comfort to the countless other mothers who have experienced this little-discussed but often felt loss.

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